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Campaigning by major political parties for Bihar assembly election is gaining momentum and so is the verbal war and accusation, counter-accusation mainly on certain non-core issues including granting special status or special economic package to this third most populous state of Indian union. The core issues like food, clothing, shelter, education, health, roads, electricity, law and order, corruption etc. are made to occupy back seat, more by design by major political parties for known reasons.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three visits to Bihar are now associated with three buzzwords: the DNA remark; the Bimaru comment; and the developmental package for Bihar. The Lalu-Nitish team tried their best to counter all the three messages coming out of the three well mobilized meetings.

The Payment Bank news of today is quite revolutionary. Payment Banks could do to banking what mobile telephony we did to telecom in India - make it accessible and affordable to all.

आजसे पाँच दिनों पहले, रविवार ९ अगस्त २०१५ को, गया की रैली में बिहार के पिछले २५वर्षों के शासनकाल कोजंगलराज, कुशासन और बिहार की बदहाली का कारण बता करप्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने तो भाजपा की प्रदेश इकाई को सांसत में ही डाल दिया है l

The ongoing monsoon session once again proved that there is arrogance in the BJP, their floor management is extremely poor and they have failed to accept that they do not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha.

A Times of India report on the Gaya meeting of Narendra Modi (Aug 9, 2015) concluded: "The meeting ended with 'Har Har Mahadev' slogan raised by Union minister Giriraj Singh."

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