What BJP Preaches is not Hinduism


India has a rich history of being a unique country with practical secularism and functional democracy. India’s unique history of plural, ideal and democratic society is a synthesis of millennium-old rich traditions and dialogue-oriented community life of both Hindus and Muslims.

Communalism in India has been started by communal fanatics on both sides, false religionists who believe in false history but more than that, who believe in false religion. Neither Islam nor Hinduism speaks of or preaches communalism. It is to the goodness of man that these religions are dedicated. It does appear though that most of us, like stupid monkeys, now happily dance to the murderous tunes of these false religionists and their false propaganda. Maybe we are monkeys after all, and not yet human beings.

Today Hinduism and Hindus have no face of goodness and wisdom like Vivekananda to show the world "what Hinduism is all about... what we are all about". Instead we have BJP and RSS whose goal is to spread poison and destruction.

This ugly version of Hinduism is opposed to the Vedic roots of Hinduism and against the interpretation of Hinduism by Vivekananda. Are the voices of hatred, separatist activities of mediaeval type and shameful behaviour coming from the BJP, RSS and VHP representative of Hindu thought and spirituality that Vivekananda was talking about? Is there any Vedic document sanctifying such behaviour or acts?

Hinduism is all about unison, togetherness, harmony and tolerance. Hinduism tells that "all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, noninjury... all genuine religious paths are facets of God's Pure Love and Light, deserving tolerance and understanding." Hinduism taught us to live a life of duty and good conduct, learn to be selfless by thinking of others first.

BJP has always used the communal card to hoodwink the people. BJP is completely and dangerously misrepresenting Hinduism and Indian religious liberalism. What BJP preaches is not Hinduism. Frankly speaking, outfits like BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal and their fanatic supporters, so called nationalists, are fascist imposters. If we Hindus did not like Aurangzeb terrorising Hindus, why do these self-proclaimed saviours of Hindus do this to the Muslims and others?

Hatred has only one law "it reduces people's ability to think rationally". The hatred sown by Aurangzeb greatly promoted the development of the Sikhs and till today he is remembered as an aberration in the tolerant land of India. We need to talk about the good things that Hindus have done working together with the Muslims over the years, including in 1857. Has BJP lost sense of its humanity and common sense? They are not following the true spirit of Hinduism is quite clear but are they not even human beings? Do they not understand the elements of shared living on a common planet?

Indian secular forces and civil society must make sense of this rising tide of irrational nationalism in the name of Hindutva and must defeat the warmongers of communal enmity. If nothing is done to stem this irrational nationalism, India, sooner or later, will explode into unimaginable scenes of genocide, hatred and extremism. Hindutva’s practitioners are vehemently influenced by the ideas and practice of, to borrow Hannah Arendt’s phrase, ‘totalitarianism’.

Alok Kumar,
Senior Journalist & Analyst



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