Lalu Prasad’s declaration in his boastful but ridiculous whims that no upper caste will ever be the Chief Minister of Bihar hence forth, reveals his sinister design in politics of Bihar which not only have far reaching consequences for the upper castes but also speaks of the futuristic trend of politics in India.

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I went mad with laughter when I heard the news on TV about the samples of food items from canteen of parliament sent for forensic test to determine its safety ingredients for human consumption.

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Bravo! Bravo! JDU.

The members of JDU are now justifying themselves being the real breed of the educational system which follows the principal of AGRATAH SHAKLESHASTRAM PRISHTHTAH SHASARAHDHANU; the meaning inherent in the slogan is that if your all solemn and just academic and philosophical arguments fail to be efficacious before your opponent, take recourse to the philosophy of taking the bull by the horn.

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I think it was Lord Cornwalis (correct me, if I am wrong) who once remarked in a whimsical supremacy of the whites that "the Indian natives are by nature corrupt".

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"Will Bihar ever change?" is a formidable question that leaves one perplexed.

Looking from the angle of the government claims of roads, bridges etc., one becomes little optimistic. However, when one confronts the reality of the bureaucratic attitude, it bubbles out.

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