JD-U Leaders Project Nitish as the Next Prime Ministerial Candidate

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir on Sunday.

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Rajgir: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, at a function in Rajgir on Sunday, was formally elected the President of the Janata Dal – U as party members put their unfettered trust in him while also projecting him as the next Prime Minister of India.

Kumar, who had been on a three-day visit to Rajgir, a sort of Martha Vineyard for the current Chief Minister of Bihar, said that he would continue to work to strengthen the party not only in Bihar but also in states where it has no presence.

As expected, the Rajgir event was much more than just a meeting to elect the new party President. The real purpose came out in open as his loyal soldiers, one after another, expressed their total devotion to the man while openly advocating his Prime Ministerial candidacy saying he was the man to take on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who, they said, was spreading a reign of terror in order to retain his power in the next Parliamentary elections.

Even as the outgoing JD-U President Sharad Yadav chose to remain a moot spectator throughout the Sunday meet, diehard Nitish loyalists, mainly K. C. Tyagi and Shyam Rajak, made strong case for Nitish Kumar as the man who would be able to dethrone Modi and become the next Prime Minister of India because of his clean image and administrative skills.

"The JD-U would go to any extent to defeat the BJP," Tyagi said in a moment of unusual candidness. "We have entrusted Nitish Kumar to formulate future strategies to make JD-U a strong national party. Our party is small so we cannot project Nitish Kumar as the next Prime Minister of India but our goal is to strengthen the party so BJP and its allies are crushed in the next Lok Sabha polls," Tyagi said.

Rajak, in his speech, said that Kumar was a leader who was accepted by all and was the perfect candidate for the Prime Minister's post.

"He is strong, he is experienced, and his image is clean as whistle. No one is better suited for the Prime Minister's post than Nitish Kumar. While the rest of the nation is living in terror, Bihar is the only state where people are living without any fear or discrimination. Whether one is a king or a pauper – everyone has the freedom to speak his mind in Bihar thanks to the pragmatic thinking of Nitish Kumar," Rajak said.

During the day-long meeting, party members decided to open offices at district level in each state.

"We will start with making ad hoc committees in each state. Based on this, we will open offices in each district. Later, we will form permanent committees based on party rules and regulations so our message is sent to each person in each state," the former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader and a one-time trusted man of Lalu Prasad Yadav said.

Other senior leaders including Prof. Ranvir Nandan, Lallan Singh, and Kaushalendra Kumar also spoke on the occasion.


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