Bank Guard Murdered during ATM Robbery Attempt in Patna

Angry mob blocks road near Golghar after ATM guard was killed in the line of duty on Friday night.

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Patna: Desperate to lay their hands on some cash since the Modi administration introduced demonetization a month ago purportedly to reduce corruption and terrorism in the nation while also leading to the biggest cash shortage at banks and ATMs across the country, criminals in Patna on late Friday night stabbed a security guard to death in a failed attempt to rob an ATM located within Maurya Lok Shopping Complex.

Kundan Kumar Malakar, security guard at the Central Bank of India, killed during robbery attempt.Kundan Kumar Malakar, security guard at the Central Bank of India, killed during robbery attempt.Forty-five year old Kundan Kumar Malakar who was on duty at the Central Bank of India ATM located within the shopping complex on busy Dak Bungalow Road just yards away from the Kotwali Police Station, was stabbed multiple times leading to his death. The criminals then tried to break open the ATM but did not succeed in doing so after which they left before someone showed up to withdraw cash from the machine.

Malakar's body was discovered on Saturday morning.

According to the reports, the criminals first turned the surveillance cameras around to avoid being recorded. Going by the amount of blood on the floor and walls, it was evident there was a struggle between Malakar and the criminals who stabbed him multiple times and then slashed his throat killing him on the spot. Other than some visible tampering signs on the ATM, no damage was done to the machine.

When Malakar, a resident of Golghar area, failed to return home on Saturday morning and attempt to reach him on his cell phone went nowhere, family members went to the ATM where he was working the night shift. There they found the shutter half down and Malakar's body hidden behind a chair in the pool of his own blood.

Interestingly, Malakar, employed with the Central Bank of India for the last three years, had not been provided any weapon to protect himself or the ATM, police said.

As the news of Malakar's death spread, people in the Golghar area blocked the roads and demanded justice for the family of the victim who left behind his wife, two sons and a daughter, and other family members.

While the eldest son Amar is a student of Class 10 at the BN Collegiate School, the younger son Prem studies at the Police Line School in Class 7. Daughter Sneha, age 7, is a student of Class 3, family members said.

Bank officials said the ATM was filled with Rs. 24.34 lakh on Friday evening before the bank shut down for the weekend. The criminals apparently had this information that led to the last night scuffle, murder, and robbery attempt, they said.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj said that while a DVR was stolen from the ATM kiosk, the built in video-recorder located inside the machine could help identify the criminals leading to their arrests.


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