Need to Promote Hindi Stressed at Hindi Day in Patna

Hindi Sammelan in Patna on Thursday.

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Patna: Bihar Education Minister Krishna Nandan Verma inaugurated the Hindi Day/Kavi Sammelan at the Phanishwar Nath Renu Hall in Sahitya Sammelan in Patna on Thursday in the presence of a number of well-known authors, poets, and teachers.

Speaking on the occasion, Verma stressed the need for using more Hindi in daily conversation saying despite the government's efforts since Independence, Hindi struggled to become a truly global language.

"We tend to pay more attention to English at the cost of Hindi. In spite of Hindi being the official state language, it has failed to make stride in areas other than literature. While it's true that English is required in today's world, it should not be at the cost of the neglect of Hindi language," the minister said adding India could not be expected to develop without the development of Hindi as a globally-recognized language.

The program was presided over by noted poet Satya Narayan who said that besides the mother's breast milk, language was the only other thing that nurtured a human's life.

Others who also spoke on the occasion included Prof. Kalanath Mishra, Urdu Consulting Committee chairperson Shafi Mashhadi, Hindi teacher Dr. Shiv Narayan, Bankipore Girls High School Principal Vidya Kumari and a number of government officials.


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