Nitish Kumar Wages War against Child Marriage; Dowry

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi and others at the Bapu Auditorium in Patna on Monday.

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Patna: Nitish Kumar may have not succeeded in attracting investment in the state, no one, however, can accuse him of falling behind in social engineering as nearly a year and a half after he promulgated prohibition in the state, he declared war against child marriage and dowry at a jam-packed newly-built Bapu Meeting Hall in Patna on Monday.

"Like alcohol, I am determined to root out child marriage and dowry from the state," Kumar thundered at the new auditorium that he opened for business on the 148th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Administering oath to politicians and bureaucrats to fight child marriage and never to take dowry for their male children, the Chief Minister, buoyed by the success of his anti-alcohol human chain last year, announced January 21, 2018 as the day for yet another statewide 'human chain' in support of his latest social agenda.

Nitish Kumar speaking against child marriage and dowry at the Bapu Auditorium in Patna on Monday.Nitish Kumar speaking against child marriage and dowry at the Bapu Auditorium in Patna on Monday.

Urging all parties not to politicize his anti-child marriage and dowry efforts, Kumar said there was a time for politics and then there were times when all parties had to come together to make a program successful.

"This is one of those programs that we need the support of all in spite of our political differences," he said adding he was confident within a year his social gambit will start paying off dividend and a new, positive image of Bihar will emerge.

Continuing to make case for his latest social campaign, the Chief Minister said that until such social evils were eliminated from the society, there was no use talking about development.

"It was in April 2016 when we implemented prohibition in Bihar. A lot of people criticized me for doing so but we all are seeing its positive effects now. People are much happier and they have extra money in their pockets. We still have a long way to go but we must tackle this evil institute of child marriage and dowry to stop crime related with them," he said.


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