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As we embarked on this project in the year 2000, we found that there was absolutely no exclusive site for information relating to Patna. This need echoed not only in Patna but also around the country. Further, as we all know, people from Patna can be found all over the globe, the need was even more felt, that eventually led to extensive research and fact-findings.

However, after being in business for 20 years, we have come to realize that PD was in need of a new direction and news from Bihar was no more a priority as there are now literally dozens of other sources where you can get your daily fix for news from our state. What we feel is there's more of a need for exchange of ideas instead of discussing the same old, tired tropes like which politician said what and how to win elections based on caste calculations. After careful consideration, we have decided to do away with daily news updates and instead use this platform to foster and exchange ideas. We have always given voice to people from different religion and political persuasion and that will continue to be so. However, we will not allow articles that are blatant propaganda from politicians and their minions and those that foment political, social, or communal tension. Remember, this is a privately-held website and we reserve the ultimate right to publish or to not publish any article submitted to us that we deem inappropriate. Our decision in such matters would be final.

PatnaDaily.Com is not affiliated with any political party or organization thus putting us in an unique position to appraise politicians or political parties, that is, to criticize or praise them as they deserve. Unlike other newspapers or websites, we are neither pro nor against any particular political party or group but we do intend to raise our voice against ill-conceived government policies and corrupt practices irrespective of the name of the party.

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Sunil Sinha

Editor/Founder PatnaDaily.Com

(Updated Feb. 7, 2021)