Of Sparrows and Yoga

The misplaced priorities of our leaders.

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Twenty-four students fall ill after consuming tainted mid-day meal in Khagaria – a phenomenon that occurs at least once a month in Bihar. Children were taken to the hospital after they felt dizzy and started to throw up. http://bit.ly/1Rjgawg

In another unrelated story, at least 84 people have died in the Mumbai after drinking spurious liquor. http://bit.ly/1d7KMn0

However, not a word from our esteemed leaders like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar or our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Completely oblivious to the ground realities, Kumar spent his day lecturing his minions to build artificial nests at all government offices and homes of the 'netas' to protect 'Gauraiya', or sparrow, that, he claimed to have all but disappeared from the face of the earth.

Proving that the Chief Secretary's job is, in fact, quite redundant because he has nothing better to do, Kumar directed Anajani Kumar Singh to monitor the sparrow nest drive and make sure his order is not defied by anyone. http://bit.ly/1Gqg2Fg

Addressing yet another 'pressing' need of the state, Nitish Kumar's right hand Shyam Rajak said that the Nitish administration has made it mandatory for all government employees to wear khadi dress at least two days in a week.

"It's a symbol of nationalism. Besides, it would encourage cottage industries in the state," Rajak said. http://bit.ly/1d7KNY4

Now imagine this 'khadi diktat' came from Narendra Modi. Nitish Kumar would be crying foul from dawn to dusk invoking Hitler, Emergency, and Death of Democracy until he was hoarse!

Now as a nobody, you may think that recurring mid-day meal poisoning is a bigger issue than building nests for sparrows or forcing government employees to wear khadi but that's why you're a nobody and Kumar and Rajak are politicians.

As for other tragedies in the country, like the death of 84 people in Mumbai, it's far more better to organize an International Yoga Day to show the 'spirituality' of every Indian than to show the rotting corpses of hooch consumers, wouldn't you think so?


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