Prakash Jha in Patna to Promote his New Film 'Jai Gangajal'

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Patna: Critically acclaimed film-maker Prakash Jha, known for social issue based movies like Gangajal, Apharan, and Aarakshan, among others, held a press conference in Patna on Wednesday to promote his latest film 'Jai Gangajal' that is slated to be released nationwide on March 4, 2016.

Jha, accompanied by Manav Kaul who has played the role of a legislator from Bankipore, not to be confused with the real Bankipore constituency, said that for the first time in his film-making career, he has a role in the movie – that of a DSP named Bholanath Singh.

Priyanka Chopra, the star of many Bollywood films and now an international star after her very successful role in the US television drama 'Quantico' in which she plays an FBI recruit, plays the role of an IPS officer in Jai Gangajal, Jha said.

A successful film-maker but a failed politician, Jha tried to put a lid on the controversy involving a lawsuit filed against him by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator Nitin Navin who has accused Jha of trying to malign his image by portraying Kaul's character in the movie by making him a legislator from Bankipore constituency – the same-name constituency in reality that he represents.

"The fact that the main character in the film is from Bankipore constituency is purely coincidental. I did not go out to insult or malign Nitin Navin or any other real politician but I apologize if I have hurt his sentiments. Again, the similarity is absolutely coincidental and is not intentional," Jha said.

Talking about politics in the Censor Board of India, Jha slammed its chairperson Pahlaj Nihlani saying Nihlani had his own personal agenda in the film industry.

"After seeing my new film, he wanted me to cut the films at more than 70 places. I did not agree with him so I filed a complaint against him with the film tribunal. Thankfully, they decided in my favor," he said.


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