you and I born of the same mother, struggled for life from the same womb, yet unknown to each other, they killed you, plunged their knives into your fragile body, like Brutus hath done to Caesar 

Professor Papiya Ghosh

It was my great fortune to be neighbour to Papiya during six happy months at the Indian Institute for Advanced Studies in Shimla in 1995. Papiya was on leave from her home city and university of Patna. She had a very friendly and warm personality, a powerful voice and infectious laugh, and was supportive of all her many friends. She was not above putting them straight when they needed to be, without causing offence.

Nearly 15 months after her brutal slaying at her home in Patna, Prof. Papiya Ghosh's books 'Community and Nation - Essays on Identity and Politics in Eastern India and Civil Disobedience Movement in Bihar, 1933-34, were released by the then Lok Sabha Speaker Mr. Somnath Chatterjee at a function in Delhi on March 9, 2008.

Prof. Papiya Ghosh's book Muhajirs and the Nation: Bihar in the 1940s (New Delhi: Routledge), 2010; that was published posthumously three years after her death in 2006 is reviewed by Meher Fatima Hussain in the Economic & Political Weekly Nov. 13, 2010 issue.

I’m thinking of Rashid and Zahid and Humar.  I’m thinking of the mirror man who makes the glass with which we see ourselves.