Eulogized in history books as the seat of many famous Indian dynasties, the Indian state of Bihar has also been the cradle of myriad religious faiths. It was in this state that Jainism, which today boasts of millions of adherents was first propagated. The chief proponent of Jain religion, Mahavira was born near Patna, capital of Bihar, in 599 BC. At very young age he became an ascetic and meditated for a long time before he became enlightened and thereafter he preached for thirty years until he attained nirvana or salvation. Today Bihar is awash with Jain relics and temples. Sadly however, many of these temples and relics have faded into the mists of time, but those that remain are testimony to the strong Jain tradition of Bihar.

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Legal education should aim at promoting 'Justice' rather than just resolve disputes & improve relationship. The study of law in order to be meaningful has to be context of social realities.

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People all over the world who are Urdu poetry enthusiast will be familiar with the name of Dr. Kaleem Ajiz, who is currently on a North America and Canada visit. Dr. Ajiz, a very respected world renowned Urdu poet from Patna, is currently in Toronto, Canada. PatnaDaily.Com had the privilege to briefly highlight the great life and work of this scholar and philosopher who most certainly has left an indelible mark in the Indian literary world.

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