Does Your College Have Anything To Do With The Pay Package You Command?

College Placements are not really the true indicators of quality of the graduate a college produces. Graduates from certain colleges may command a premium entry level salary. However, over a period of time, with a work experience of about five years or more, his/her salary evens out with that of the graduates from any other renowned colleges.

For instance, of the 60 engineering colleges in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, some graduates may land into their dream jobs with a hefty pay-package. However, none of these colleges produce graduates who can command an average salary anywhere close to that of an IIT graduate. Even with 5 years of corporate exposure an IIT grad commands Rs 15 lakh per annum of pay package, while most other graduates from the top 100 colleges in India command an average salary of Rs 10 lakh per annum.

IITs indeed still continue to produce the best engineering graduates in the country. However, this does not mean there is no talent pool beyond the IITs .The compiled list of 'Top 100 Engineering Institutes' suggests the same. This comprehensive survey, based on the real worth of a graduate that each college has produced is the first one of its kind. The colleges here have been ranked based on the quality of talent and the performance of their graduates in the corporate world.

The presence of a large number of technical institutions across the country often makes it difficult for the potential students to make the right choice. Also, the IT organizations are always looking to hire from a variety of quality Institutions. To Bridge this gap between the Industry and the Academia, consulted HR managers, collected data from the various recruitment firms and Job boards. Also, over 3000 working professionals who completed their engineering in 2006 were interviewed for the same purpose. After an extensive and exhaustive research, the list of top 100 engineering institutes was compiled.

"We believe that despite the various criteria's, the quality of a college lies in the performance of the graduate. This is assessed by the pay package they command in the corporate world after a period of 5 years. This is the real value a college adds to the graduate," says Harvi Sachar, CEO,

This list is integral to the students and the corporate organizations.  It allows the companies to look beyond IITs and hire quality engineers from various colleges. The annual average salary of a graduate after five years in the industry is provided for the students to make a choice as per their interest and caliber at the very start of their career.

The 'Top 100 engineering colleges in India 2011' provides the companies with an insight so that they can reach out to the right colleges and thereby promote industry growth by hiring deserving graduates. The list holds a good amount of credibility and helps the students and the companies select better.

The supplement is easily available in almost all the news-stands and the list is available for download on the website.

*Additional Information* –

Kindly note that according to our survey, in Jharkhand:

Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra; Jharkhand is ranked 9th among the 'Top 100 Engineering Colleges 2011'.

Also, BIT, Mesra is ranked 4th and NIT, Jamshedpur 8th are among the Top 10 Colleges in the Eastern India. 

In the 'Top 50 M.Tech Colleges across India' BIT Mesra, Ranchi is ranked 3rd.

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