Genesis of Corruption

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Corruption is one of the biggest threats to the well-being of a society. Lord Buddha was right when he said that Desire is the root cause of all sufferings in this world. In corruption, too, desire is the main incitement to induce a person to this scornful activity.

Corruption on both sides i.e. those who are corrupting and those who are getting corrupted is a disgrace to our society and needs to be eradicated. Corruption involves the desire to get the job done quickly, the desire to earn more, the desire to reach powerful positions and so on.

Corruption is not just an administrative issue as we narrowly perceive it. But, it is a physiological and societal problem. Corrupted mind accepts a bribe as a part of his day-to-day life and expects the same from others and thus drives others to become corrupt.

Corruption has slowly become an accepted practice in our society that we just move along with it. We don't bother about corruption as long as it does not bother us. Therefore, there is no effective check against corruption and the corrupt people. Giving bribe and accepting bribe are two sides of the same coin. We cannot address one ignoring the other. Change must come from within by elating our moral values to eliminate this social evil. Honesty, compassion and contentment could be a great source of inspiration to fight against this immoral action.

I am reminded of a very interesting instance which will very distinctively unfold the secret and genesis of corruption. The headmaster of a school called a photographer for taking a group-photograph of the students reading in Eighth standard. The matter was settled at Rs. 10 per student. Consequently, the headmaster directed the class-teacher to collect Rs. 30 from every student. Thereupon, the class teacher declared in the classroom that tomorrow every child should bring Rs. 50 for the group photograph. A child back in the home told her mom that school administration had asked for Rs. 100 for the group photograph. Eventually, in the evening the mother of the child told her husband that the school had asked for Rs. 200 for group-photo of Munna's (Baba’s) class.

This is how corruption stems, thrives and evolves around in the society.

shiben rainaDr. Shiben Krishen Raina
Currently in Ajman (UAE)
Member, Hindi Salahkar Samiti,
Ministry of Law & Justice (Govt. of India)
Senior Fellow, Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India)

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