Meaning of a Constitution in the Age of Man-made Climate Change

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Catalonia has a long tradition of working class anarchism and trade union organisation. Combined with its regional economic strength and a politically literate public the will to self-determination of Catalans has once again pushed economics to the back burner in Europe and brought politics to the fore. In the same way Catalans understand the need for social institutions to change to adapt to man-made climate change, so they recognise how lacking in adaptive capacity the present State institutions in Europe are.

According to some advocates of natural law “the Referendum may have been illicit according to the Spanish Constitution, but voting in a referendum as an expression of opinion is a human right.” But unless the same natural law is embedded in the European law to which Spain’s national constitution is subject, it is as good as saying that only violence or negotiation that can resolve the issue. Indeed, one of the reasons that Catalans are once again in revolt is that Spain has no sovereignty in Europe.

In India, like in Europe, the capitalist media has a shameful tendency not to report the uprisings of the world’s working class, be they as organised as in Cataluña or Tamil Nadu or on Konkan’s beaches or disorganised but no less heartfelt. Uprisings and revolts against indebtedness, pollution, political oppression, poverty, drownings, disease, and institutionalised violence perpetrated by economic institutions and their agents, and indeed in India by unorganised upper castes perpetrators of violence, on the working-class people, are reactions obviously to the escalating power of violence of capitalism in its final days. But they are also expressions of a new vision for humankind who wish to cope with man-made climate change.

Man-made climate change is unravelling capitalism. But the fact that capitalism is being unravelling and the US Empire and its vassal states is going on a last killing spree to take down everything with it as it goes down, is not a pretty thing. The NDA government in India is as hopeless as the ruling party coalition of Europe, in fact it is worse, in suppressing the will to self-determination of the working class with violence. Negotiation in India like in Europe is impossible with the current ruling State formation.

But it cannot be long before the capitalist State across the world crumbles. In India it will be impossible to keep more than a billion and a quarter people starved of currency with which to help each other forever. We should prepare for 2019 by educating the public and strengthening those institutions that matter. The education should be about how shameful the behaviour of capitalist States is the world over and how it is the fault of the BJP and the INC that India’s constitution is being usurped at every turn.

In the age of man-made climate change the survival instincts of the working class will always be stronger than the violent assertion of brute force by the owners of capital. In India either the constitution holds and the will to liberty of the people reasserts itself against the capitalist forces that are usurping it, or India like Europe will break apart as human beings search for new institutional political forms to cope with man-made climate change.

Note - The Generalitat de Catalunya's Departament de Medi Ambient was one of the first government environment departments to translate and publish Anandi Sharan and her co-authors' 18 page article on man-made climate change entitled "Population and the Paradox of Growth" in 1993.

Anandi Sharan was born in Switzerland, lives in Bangalore, and worked in Araria District in 2016. She mainly writes about India and how we need a better money policy to help agricultural labourers and women especially to adapt to man-made climate change. 


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