Debt Freedom for Agriculturists and Zero Interest Perpetual Money for All Indians

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In 2014 Dr. Sharad Joshi had the support of the BJP in his demand for the abolition of State control over Indian agricultural markets. Yet coming up to three years after his death the BJP has done nothing to bring in the Indian Marshall Plan for agriculture. Indian agriculturists are carrying skulls to Delhi to highlight their plight, but in vain. Unless zero coupon perpetual bonds are issued to cancel all agricultural loans and the State stops interfering in agricultural markets and issues new interest free and repayment free money, there is no way out.

And how did Chief Justice Dipak Misra and justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud on Monday 29 January 2018 sort out the issue of “manning” the National Green Tribunal? There was no news by Monday evening. We will keep crossing our fingers and see the news tomorrow.

In the meantime, the National Green Tribunal said that -

“It is disturbing to see that instead of enforcing (our) order which in clear terms directed the CGWA to ensure that extraction of ground water is in terms of the mandate of law after obtaining consent, if not, appropriate action be taken. CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) has virtually become a nodal agency for all these agencies solicited and inviting applications to regularize their illegal acts and has extended the date for submitting of such applications.”

The CGWA website has pages upon pages of NGT orders, none complied with.

Today the National Green Tribunal ruled that Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam shall supply all arsenic affected villages in Uttar Pradesh with clean water and seal all arsenic infested borewells.

Same needs to be done in Bihar.

Why does it take court order after court order to get these Governments at State and Union level to do anything? Can anything be more important than avoiding poisoning children? This issue has been pending for more than twenty years.

Narendra Modi and his Yogis prefer threatening to “slit throats” as Power minister R.K. Singh did yesterday. Ideally, they take the law into their own hands rather than ensuring proper functioning of the judiciary and the state law and order machinery through adequate budgets.

Related to both the above issues there is the disaster summarised in the Wire by Raghu Raman, former CEO of NATGRID and President of Reliance Industries.

“India is sitting on several time bombs. Climate change, toxic environments, burgeoning aspirations, jobless growth, crumbling infrastructure and of course, pollution being just a few of them. The current models of social consumption and growth are simply unsustainable. More importantly, not only are these issues interlinked but in most cases, have reached a gridlock wherein no single component can be solved in isolation without impacting stakeholders affected by other problems.”

Assuming “current models of social consumption and growth” is a euphemism for inequality, poverty and usury, the gridlock can be undone only by change of mind by individual decision makers at the top, as he rightly says. We need debt freedom for agriculturists, zero interest perpetual money for all Indians and empowerment of judiciary as an absolute minimum. A repentant Congress and united opposition may usher in a new phase after BJP’s rule at the Centre is consigned to ignominy in the Parliamentary elections this year or next.

Anandi Sharan was born in Switzerland, lives in Bangalore, and worked in Araria District in 2016. She mainly writes about India and how we need a better money policy to help agricultural labourers and women especially to adapt to man-made climate change. 


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