Mister Clean PM of India: Modi

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Ever since, Mr Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of the country took over the reign of political regime at the center, different concepts of explaining the word "CLEAN" are emerging. Mr. Modi is not only a seasoned political leader, but also a prolific orator, outstanding mentor, unique philosopher and even an excellent professor. His vision covers all fields and issues presently facing the country. His presentations in public domain is of the highest order, inspiring with a sense of full commitments and actions.

Previous governments ignored many issues which they might had thought of being trivial or petty type e.g., cleanliness. However, Mr. Modi took such issues very seriously and convinced the public about their usefulness and that is why I am labeling him 'Mister Clean PM' of the country.

In other aspects also, his 'Clean' philosophy and actions need mention as follows:

  • He achieved a 'CLEAN' sweep in Lok Sabha election.
  • He 'CLEAN' bowled the entire opposition including Congress party in the Lok Sabha election and also in most of the assembly on-going elections.
  • He has been introducing a 'CLEANING' exercise in the bureaucratic administration, giving an image of 'CLEAN' and efficient administration. Consequently, the level of corruption is expected to be decreased considerably in the administration. This has led to more transparency in the system.
  • He has been trying to provide 'CLEAN' drinking water for the public and the mammoth work of 'CLEANING' Ganga river has been going on.
  • Mr Modi has unleashed a mass movement for public 'CLEANLINESS' by engaging himself and millions of people in the process under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in order to fulfill the dreams of Mahatama Gandhi. I am wondering why people and political parties who remained in power for so many years could not understand its need and impetus. Cleanliness drive will definitely increase tremendously the foreign tourists towards India and it would improve India's image too.
  • He has been emphasizing the role of students and children in Clean India Movement.
  • He is also bringing 'CLEANING' exercise in the domain of judiciary and law by eliminating outdated and unnecessary laws and updating many of the existing laws. Hopefully, such measures would bring improvement in law enforcement and judiciary systems.
  • He is also trying to bring 'CLEANLINESS' in criminalization of politics. I am wondering whether he will be able to succeed in this hurricane task.
  • He has also introduced 'CLEANLINESS' in Planning Commission by revamping it and rechristened it as "NITI AAYOG" (Policy Commission). The effectiveness of this restructuring will be assessed only in the long term.
  • He has been working very hard on the novel idea of "Make in India Campaign" by streamlining system through simplifying the rules and procedures, single window clearance and E-governance, thus 'CLEANING' the draconian 'license raj' system.
  • He is also trying to expedite the 'CLEANLINNESS' in the issue of 'Black Money'. However, this is very challenging task and to what extent, this government of Mister Modi will be actually successful, cannot be assessed with surety. Common people in a democracy always lives on hope for a better change for tomorrow.
  • One of the sensitive and dangerous issues currently facing the country is the activities in the borders. National security, both internal and external, is of the highest concern for the country and it can never be neglected. The question remains, can Mister Modi 'CLEANSE' the dangerous and strategic intentions of Pakistan? Should Pakistan be taught a lesson so that it never dares to show eyes to India?

For the first time, a strong feeling has emerged that there is a CLEAN government in place which is led by an international leader and is definitely functioning for meeting the aspirations of the people of this country..We are very confident and repose a high degree of trust in the competent leadership and policies of Mister Clean PM of India in reshaping the future of India in achieving the "Achhe din anne wale hain " dreams of 1.3 billion people.


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