Has Arvind Kejriwal and his Government Become a Liability on Delhi People?

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Arvind Kejriwal, the present Chief Minister of Delhi, entered Indian politics with a big bang and fanfare. He is the by-product of Anna Hazare Movement University in politics. He is a good product of Indian Institute of Technology.

When Indian children enter IITs, they have big dreams to serve the country and so are the usual expectations of public at large from them. IITs’ intellectuals have been contributing tremendously in Indian industrialization, economic development and academic fields. When he was working with the Income Tax department, he was considered to be an able administrator.

Kejriwal was elected as the Chief Minister of Delhi with a thumping majority and people of Delhi had high expectations from his government and party to solve, if not all, at least common problems of the Delhi'ites. However, this guy has been resorting to "Dharna" (peaceful demonstration) politics for last six days to fool and mislead the gullible Delhi public. It may also be a strategy to divert the attention of the general public from many problems the Delhi'ites have been facing.

It appears that he is stubborn, fickle-minded and an irresponsible person. It also looks that he is a quitter rather than delivering the results or a problem solver. He is turning out to be a problem creator rather than problem solver for the public.

Why is Kejriwal's working relationships with all Lieutenant Governors and bureaucracy get spoiled? This is the second time, it is happening. Why this problem did not arise in the past when other political parties’ governments were ruling Delhi? Did the Lieutenant Governors in the past behave differently? There must be something in the attitude and working style of Kejriwal and his government. Why does he, most of the time, adopt a confrontation policy?

When the Center and Delhi have different parties’ governments, then the CM of Delhi should have acted and behaved in way leading to discussions and negotiations, considering the public interests at large and keep aside their political differences aside. He should have developed a rapport of understanding and mutual trust rather than an attitude and policy of confrontation.

One may also argue that similar events are happening in Delhi and Pondicherry, however, both Union Territories have different LGs, with varying powers. Delhi is the capital of the country and it has a high strategic importance in national and international context.

Additionally, Delhi is the center for many high-profile People, Power, Politics and now Pollution. Whatever, may be other reasons for his "Dharna politics", this negative and irresponsible politics is turning into polluted environment in Delhi. People have big problems how to breath in this polluted environment. We pity Delhi public.

Therefore, it looks like that Kejriwal is becoming a big liability for Delhi people and his political BALANCE SHEET has become IMBALANCED.

(The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of the institution in which he is working.)

Prof P L Joshi, MMU, Cyberjaya, Malaysia


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