Is Novjot Sidhu a Risk Factor for Indian Unity?

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At the outset, I do not hesitate to state that today the most controversial person in India is Novjot Sidhu. His nature and actions have made him create controversies. We do not understand why this man who lives in India, is a Minister, visits Pakistan again and again, and seeks a certificate of their appreciation.

Sidhu is resorting on Pakistanis political and army leaders to get certification that he would be future Prime Minister of India and then the friendship between India and Pakistan will be strong. All know that, Pakistan is labelled a country which has been promoting terrorism in Indian territories.

If Sidhu is so popular in Pakistan, I must say that let Sidhu settle down in Pakistan and take its citizenship and contest election there and become the PM of Pakistan. This man will never become a respectable and seasoned politician of India. The acts of this man have been opportunistic and his behaviour and conduct have been unpredictable. He often gives anti Indian statements, e.g., he made a public statement that "people like him feel a greater affinity to Pakistan than to India’s southern states" (HT 21 Oct 2018) and also "Indians have small heart."

This is absolutely an insult to the unity of India. We strongly condemn Sidhu’s statement, as a person and his dirty mind.

This man has undermined the tremendous contributions and sacrifices made by Punjabis in building India as a powerful nation. However, Sidhu’s negative behaviour and actions seem to be turning him a risk factor for the unity of the country. The Chief Minister of Punjab should remove Sidhu from the Cabinet without any reservation.


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