Will 2019 be an Exist or Exit Poll for Modi?

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Today is the last stage of voting in India which is over now. 23rd May 2019 will be a historical day in Indian democracy as the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be declared.

Right now, many Indian TV news channels have started showing the results of their exit polls. Exit polls most of the times are not accurate but they show a broad trend and sometimes create excitement among the leaders of political parties in India.

The big question hinges on whether 2019 elections be an 'Exist' or 'Exit' Poll for Modi? After completing his election speeches, Modi ji went to Kedarnath and Badrinath for performing puja in these temples and seek blessings for his victory in the elections. There is a saying that anyone who goes to Kedarnath temple his or her wishes are fulfilled. It is a matter of 'Astha' (belief).

By and large, I would like to remain neutral in any predictions which is always risky in elections outcomes. However, the trend looks favouring NDA.

Hopefully, Delhi hospitals will be ready with ambulances as many politicians in India have very weak hearts. Best wishes to all.


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