Induction Class by Prof. Modi of Newly Elected NDA MPs

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It was really an unprecedented, historical, educational and wonderful speech given by PM Modi in the Central Hall while addressing the newly-elected Members of Parliament of NDA. He has set the tone, direction and working agenda of his government for the next five years. He has refined previous slogan as “Sabka saath, sabka vikas aur sabka vishwas” (With everyone, everyone's development, and everybody's confidence).

The main salient features of his speech include:

• a new word for development - NARA (National Ambitions Regional Aspirations).

• As public representatives, use standards, benchmarks, ethical consequences and constitutional spirit in taking decisions and serving the public without any discrimination based on religion, caste and creed.

The most important point he made was that public representatives should consider in their conduct and approaches “India as a whole” not the regional factors alone. Serve the public without differentiating whether they voted for them or their party or not, or even they oppose them. Equitable justice should be the most important factor while serving the public.

• In the 21st century of India, VIP culture has no place. It has to be broken at any cost and the lawmakers or public representatives should conduct themselves in the public places and with the public like a 'Common Man'.

• He emphasized that these MPs should be careful and alert while speaking with media in order to avoid unnecessary controversies and trouble. In public life, many times, small mistakes and errors damage the reputation very badly because the social media is very powerful.

In nutshell, his message was very clear, straight, and positive. Public representatives are public servants elected to serve the public, not the VIPs. They are accountable for their acts.

To conclude, that if his message, tips, advice, suggestions and instructions are followed properly by these MPs, it will greatly help in strengthening the belief and confidence of the people in the thread of Indian democracy and more assertive India.

At the end, the PM has stressed that his government and party is committed to constitution and the spirit of federalism. All have to win the confidence of the public by using energy and synergy.


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