From Lokpal to Votepal: A Diluted Mission

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After 16 months of corruption movement by Anna team, which was started with a big fanfare, the movement got diluted from purity to politics. Anna team has decided to jump into the politics and form a political party in order to bring a system change in the country.

In my opinion, the mission has got diluted and Anna strategy has failed to fight corruption. The fasting of team Anna members has failed to pull crowd to support to their anti-corruption movement. The main reason is that Anna team lacks the art of compromising and negotiating skills in a political arena.

I have serious apprehensions on the strength of the Anna team to fight elections in complex Indian scenario the way it is fought today.

Indian elections are fought under the garb of family dynasty, party coteries, casteism, money game, religion, and regional factors. Indian common man wants Roti Kapada and Makaan in order to survive in today's inflationary economy and eradication of corruption is a secondary thought for them.

Anna corruption movement remained non-violence but when they fight election, they will be a part of violence environment. It is not an easy task to contest election in Indian system as one has to be a smart master of politics.

I guess that Congress may pass the Lokpal Bill before 2014 elections and steal the show from Anna team. On what issues, Anna team will fight election then? I guess it may fight to lose election. Anna team should understand that it is not that easy to make a transition from a non-political issue to a political issue overnight.

My gut feeling says that Anna political party will turn out to be a private limited company and also an ancillary unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party in political elections. They may not be able to maintain unity among themselves and it will receive its natural death in due course.

Fighting social issues are different from political issues and politics is a dirty game in this country.


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