Mrs. Hazel Morrison's Death

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Very sad to learn about the death of Mrs. Hazel Morrison through PatnaDaily.

She and her husband both belonged to very illustrious Anglo Indian families of Bihar whose fore bears served Bihar in different capacities with distinction. Her brother was a Bihar Govt. labour department employee who unfortunately passed away in 1968 during a tour to Thailand.

I have a lot of personal connection with her. Her mother Lady Francis was the gynecologist on call when my father was born in 1930's. She would often say my father was the last living link with her mother.

She was the English teacher for me and my brother besides many of my cousins. They (Mr. & Mrs. Morrison) taught us many things besides English. She charged a very small tuition and that was mostly spent on the biscuits and cakes she would serve us during tuition. Mr. Frank Morrison and Mrs. Morrison visited our home both during mine and my brother's marriage, coming in sari. It was a great honor for us.

I went to her home in 2010 when she was bed ridden. She was too old and could not recognize me. Before that, I had met her in 2003 or so with my son. Mr. Morrison had passed away by that time. We had a long chat, reminiscing Mr. Morrison and the days gone by. With her death, an era comes to an end.

I am sharing a photograph of her home that I took from atop Golghar during my 2010 visit.


T. V. Sinha, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com

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