Every year the 12th standard board examination creates a mix of social scenes in India after the results are released. Some students go as far as to commit suicide as they failed to attain high enough marks, some simply feel as if life as they know it is over as they are unlikely to fulfill their own or their parents’ expectations, some move on and began the preparation process once again with the hope of scoring better the following year, a certain percentage of students give up and never go to college, and the rest move on to college and continue their studies.

She has a long face with a pointed nose and chin, thin and attractive lips, and jet black short curly hair. Priyanka looks strikingly similar to her grandmother, as well as the two-time Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. Like Indira, she also walks fast, attracts a large crowd, and connects with ordinary people. One has to wonder if the doppelgänger in question will someday hold office like her grandmother.

In many parts of the world it is summer, and this means home improvement time. Our house, India, certainly needs mending. Just since last summer nearly 50% more children have been reported as malnourished. Commonwealth Games and 2G spectrum scams have gained momentum. More than 18 individuals have been sentenced to life for the 2002 Gujarat riots massacre. Violence has broken out in Assam. Power outages have left millions without power. Many people perished in the Brahmaputra River when a ferry capsized. People have died in stampedes, in traffic accidents, and due to hot weather. The list of rapists gets longer.

A swami in India recently conducted a weeklong workshop, shibir, on meditation and soul, atma. He talked about how we could make our atma pure, become purer human beings, and live a meaningful life. He could be the conduit, he said, but we need to connect our atma and the parmatma, the Supreme Being.

A termite is called ghunn in Bengali, udhai in Gujarati, and dimaka in the Hindi language. After reading the translation, and suspecting that the subject is unappealing, some may not read further. However, for those about to pore over this article, it is in part about termites and in part about a chief minister and his reference to this insect in his speech. The address created quite a kerfuffle in Indian politics.

A criminal commits arson, assault, break-ins, murder, rape, robbery, etc. and a terrorist commits terrorism for political purposes. In India, they have wounded and wiped out so many and wrecked so much that statistics belie the toll on life, property, and business. A property can be replaced; a business can recover; but, alas, the dead can never be brought back to life or the injured back to their original form.

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram stated in January that the current account deficit (CAD) was the "worrying" kind. In the second quarter, ending in September 2012, it registered US $23 billion or 5.4% of gross domestic product (GDP). The financial year ends on March 31, 2013.

A trial of six Indian men accused of the rape and death of a young girl is underway in New Delhi in a specially created fast-track court. The girl’s name has not been released. Many ask that the accusers be sentenced to death and executed immediately thereafter either by hanging, electric shock, or lethal injection.

Her death is known, but her name is unknown. The name of a 23-year-old woman was unreleased when she died after six Indian males forcibly raped her. This barbaric act took place on a bus in the Indian capital of New Delhi, reportedly in the evening, after the victim and her male friend boarded a bus. Following the deed, both were thrown off the bus, the rapists fled and she died from injuries a few days later.

       On a visit to a Western nation, we Indians find Westerners different from us. Our nature is to share food with strangers, allow neighbors’ friends and relatives into our homes, invite strangers for a cup of tea, help stranded occupants with a broken vehicle, keep elderly family members with us in our homes, and live simply with minimal fuss.