He dresses in the custom made attire, straps a Swiss made wristwatch, clips a German made pen on his shirt or jacket’s pocket,enhances eyesight with an Italian pair of eyeglasses, and sometimes adorns head with a modish headdress.

“God has gifted me the sense of mixing and matching colours,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 65, to biographer Lance Price.

In India, NaMo wears a short sleeve heavy starched dry cleaned shirt, sleeveless jacket, and pajama pant that looks like a legging – tightly fitted at the ankles with a normal fit at the waist.

As Prime Minister, Modi frequently travels to foreign cities. There he wears a suit – unless he is sightseeing or meeting people of Indian origin – and showcases his “God gifted” fashion talent.

But his sermons and his garments do not match. Prime Minister Modi claims he is a man of the people, yet he does not dress like an average city- or village-dweller of India. He asks to insist on Made in India products, yet he uses accessories made in foreign countries.

In a way, though, Modi’s preoccupation with fashion is helping India. His images, captured in a variety of outfits, are seen on t-shirts, tea mugs, key chains, fabrics, billboards, etc. Modi memorabilia provide a living to people who make and market them.

Yet the more India knows about his fashion addiction, the more India benefits; the publicmay copy Modi and demand the brands he prefers.

Which brand of shoes does he wear, or are his shoes custom made? Which brand of cuff links and belt does he wear? Which brand of socks and underwear does he wear, or are his socks and underwear custom made?

Narendra Modi is fastidious about his dress. He removes his clothes several times a day and dons the ones that match with the décor of the place he is going to be.

Remember Imelda Marcos? the living 86-year-old widow of former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos. She is famous for what decorated her feet: shoes. She had more than a thousand pairs of shoes.

As a private citizen, at his own expense, NaMo rarely traveled outside of India.

However, now, at taxpayers’ money, in expensive dresses and pricy possessions – a watch that varies from Rs.20,000 to 87,000, pen from Rs.9,500 to 43,500, and eyeglass framesfrom Rs.4,500 and up – stylish traveler Modi looks like a fashion model doing a cat walk on astage.

Modi told the biographer, “Since I’m gifted I fit well in everything. I have no fashion designer but I’m happy to hear that I dress well.”

Narendra Damodardas Modi may go down in world history as fashionable Prime Minister of India.