Patna is facing the heat of both the summer and political battle with respect to upcoming election. However, I am concerned about the rainy season which will follow this summer. I shudder remembering the plight in past years caused because of poor drainage system of the city. I am not even hopeful like previous years since I resided here long enough to understand that the promises done by various elected or selected bodies are just like filthy water clogging on roads which evaporate when sun shines.

Four centuries after Bruno was burnt alive and Galileo was made to apologise for experimentally proving the facts of Earth's rotation and revolution, the Pope had to beg for pardon. Since then science has come long way in dispelling plethora of myths prevailing in the societies. Today, the right of Scientific Outlook, in the field of knowledge, to discover and pronounce what is truth and what is not, is indisputably established.

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