Ever since Indian government scrapped Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, political leaders in Pakistan lost their mindfulness by making senseless public statements in media. Imran Khan has come under fire from his own people and Pakistani media for his immature statements and giving frequent threats to India.

Almost every day, Imran Khan and his faceless ministers have been threatening India with nuclear war. Does Imran Khan understand that if nuclear war takes place, there will not be any Pakistan in the world map and it will be converted into a desert where no human civilization and plantation will take place for next 1,000 years?

It looks that Imran Khan has gone into depression, losing mental balance and he is suffering from a serious incurable disease. What was his previous image, a 'Playboy'? And now by his actions and irresponsible statements, he lost his all goodwill and image. Does any one accept him as the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Imran Khan went from China to USA to gain support for Kashmir but he returned Pakistan with empty hands after being insulted from all corners. He goes to various countries and international financial institutions for financial support like a beggar but no one is interested to give Pakistan any dollar amount because they know that Pakistan has gone bankrupt and where will they use that money.

A country which harvests terrorism in every part of that country, has been internationally exposed on several occasions. They lost their country’s image and now is earning the label of the “poorest country of the world”.

Mr. Imran Khan, there is a sincere advice for you and your people. Leave or stop dreaming about Kashmir because it was, it is, and it will remain an integral part of an integrated India. Better pay attention how to save the rest parts of your country from disintegration because the way people have been reacting in POK, Baluchistan and Sind, very soon Pakistan will likely split into another 2-3 countries.

Look at the state of your economy which is in bad shape. Almost all financial indicators have seen a downward trend. The growth rate fell by almost 50 percent from 6.2 percent to 3.3 percent. Prices of commodities are touching sky; your people are dying of hunger and Imran Khan every day makes stupid statements about Kashmir. Pakistan media has been making mockery of Imran Khan. This man does not feel the shame for what he has been doing for Pakistan.

To conclude, today, social, economic and political situation in Pakistan is worst ever since Pakistan was created. Pakistan’s international reputation is at the lowest ebb, it is labelled a terrorist country and one of the poorest countries of the world. Ever since, Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan, he gave only insult and 'badnaami' to Pakistan. The man should resign immediately because he is becoming a risk factor for achieving stability in South East Asia.

Lekin Besharmon ko kya farak padta hai. His arguments may be that “Pakistan Badnaam hua to kyaa hua, Duniya mein naam to hua”.

Imran Khan is to be blamed for Pakistan’s current agony and the bankrupt economy.