Although, Uttarakhand has given India a number of personalities whose contributions are well noted, yet among them, four highly notable, daring personalities and “jewels” from contemporary Uttarakhand State have been playing key roles in shaping the new India under Modi's leadership. General Rawat, CM Yogi, NSA Doval and former RAW Chief Dhasmana are those personalities. In fact, they are really international personalities.

General Bipin Rawat, the highest ranked military professional Commander of India (Chief of Defence Staff of India and former Army Chief), is known for devising intelligent strategies to protect Indian borders from enemy aggressions and to modernize arms forces. He has experiences in high altitude warfare, and counter-insurgency operations. It is also noted that General Rawat had played a key and significant role in reshaping army. He has been instrumental in restructuring the army by cutting or eliminating administrative unproductive expenditures and increase its combat potential (Economic Times). He also holds a Doctorate degree in Military Media Strategic Studies.

Ajit Doval who currently holds the key position of National Security Advisor (NSA) of India, is known for devising crafty and long-term strategies for handling internal and national security issues, external threats and opportunities to India. He has been widely hailed for his significant contributions in the national security domain during his last five-year tenure. His tactful handling of the grave situation in J&K, after removing section 370, has been highly appreciated. His intelligent brain helped the government in bringing peace and normalcy in the state.

While, CM Yogi Adityanath, a ‘Monk’, is known for demonstrating high level of political and administrative leadership in transforming India's largest state Uttar Pradesh. It is claimed that so far, the state has received Rs. 2 trillion investment during his tenure. He has been very successful in restoring law and order situation the state. Additionally, it is claimed that his government has taken measures to make basic facilities available to the common people while working towards infrastructure development in Uttar Pradesh. He is taking Uttar Pradesh in the right direction, in order to change the shape of Uttar Pradesh to a modern state.

Another daring personality and jewel of Uttarakhand is Anil Dhasmana, an inspiring police officer for many young Indians, who was till recently Head of RAW and now is retired. An IPS officer of 1981 batch, there are so many stories online available about his bravery and courageous actions while working as a senior police officer at various levels at home and abroad. He is known for dealing with Pakistan, Baluchistan and Afghanistan affairs in security matters.

These four personalities share certain common characteristics such as sharpness of mind, strategic thinkers, humbleness, honesty, highly committed professionals, planners and leaders, risk taker, bold and sound decision makers with quick results etc. Not only people from Uttarakhand but also all Indians are very proud of them.

Uttarakhand State is situated in the foothills of Himalayas, known as “Devbhoomi” (land of God), is one of the fastest growing states in India. Once the state was a backward and life was very tough for people. Due to massive increase in capital investments, infrastructure development and centre for school and higher education, the state has been rapidly progressing towards greater heights.