In a pre-planned attack by Chinese army on Indian soldiers with nail studded sticks and iron rods (media reports) is a cowardly act and should be strongly denounced. Our twenty brave soldiers sacrificed their lives in Galvan valley face off for their mother land.

The people of India salute them and shall remember their sacrifices forever. Furthermore, it is reported that Chinese soldiers attacked on Indian soldiers in order to change their existing situation. American Secret Agency reported that China lost more than 35 of its soldiers.

Taking a serious note of this face-off, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has given a clear message to China that India is a strong country and Indian people know how to give a thwarting reply to its enemy. In a quick action, India has started to isolate China globally both on diplomatic and economic fronts. Indian people have started boycotting Chinese made goods.

The border tense between India and China has been going on in recent months. India accused that the Chinese army has been hindering normal patrolling along the Line of Control (LOC) in Ladakh area. On the other hand, India has also rejected Chinese charges that the escalating tension between the two armies is produced due to trespassing of Indian army across the Chinese side.

The Chinese mouthpiece, ‘Global Times’ has been publishing threats and propaganda as psychological war tactics. It has learned that China has pointed out to India to be very careful on not to include the US factor in its handling of any problems with China otherwise, this will only complicate the issues.

Currently, China is facing the blame for spreading Coronavirus around the world and it is being isolated in the world. More than 100 countries want to investigate the source of Coronavirus from China. There is a call for boycotting Chinese made goods by several countries including India which is severely affecting Chinese economy and GDP. Therefore, to divert global attention from this, China has been showing its muscle power and bullying India on the border. China is also facing heat in South Chinese Sea where it is being threatened by war clouds from USA and other dozen countries.

Although India is well prepared to meet any attack from China side, many experts believe that China may not sustain for long in the war and will meet a defeat from Indian army. The reasons are the Chinese army does not have much experience in mountain war. Lack of funds, resources, and lack of allies are other reasons. Most importantly, China needs to categorically understand that India is not ‘1962’ India. It is a "NEW INDIA" with powerful military strength, democratically elected government and strong leadership. Indian missiles can reach to any parts of China and it is also a nuclear country like China.

Additionally, India has Brahms missile which is world's fastest supersonic cruise missile This missile has 2.8 Mach speed which means that it is difficult to be intercepted by existing radar system because of its speed. At the same time, its accurate precision makes it lethal to water targets.

Based on media reports and defence experts, India has already designed and tested “KALi” with 5000 km range, a top-secret Direct Energy Weapon (DEW). It may be an answer to any uninvited missiles, air crafts, satellites and anything having an electric circuit inside it. Pakistan and China get terrified with “Kali’ missile.

Furthermore, theoretically, China just has two supporting allies, Pakistan and North Korea, whereas India has support of more than two dozen countries. Besides, India's economy is also on the upsurge.

The wise suggestion is that as both the countries are sovereign nations, therefore, they need to find a diplomatic and peaceful solution rather than military solution to the problem with an honest approach. However, based on past experiences, many experts also believe that China CANNOT be trusted as it has been clearly following a strategy for territorial expansion.

Additionally, China has been continuously engaged in provocation to neighbouring countries against India.

Therefore, if China goes for a full scale war against India, surely it is going to be very costly for China.