Election is an expense
At the cost of the people,
Voters are poor, rustics and rugged
Noble man attired white says:

Poverty is the food for leaders
Wine and gold coins all over,
They play and the people watch.
This is a meeting of the people.
Numbed minds are caught and released,
Yet, liquor works and invites the senseless crowd
To march with party less flags and hollow shouting,
Strained and refrained drain of flocks of mindless anesthetic crowds
To watch the hovering choppers of their Messiah,
Collide and listen to their pompous, strong blow of unwritten speeches,
Watchful of waving hands from the decorated ramparts,
Careless of social or physical distancing;
What of these?
But sanitized and clever Covid is frightened to visit the crowd,
Scary of the deadly under politics of the Day:
“… they talk of vaccine sooner or later… and free…”
Awestruck customers know nothing of this.
The cropping season of Election is on here and there,
Inset with floating sinking people,
They are just Election Meetings of the people.
Isn’t it *chaplomacy in the name of poor democracy?

[*chaplomacy is Anglicized Bhojpuri usage being used here for the first time]

By Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA