Randhir Verma, I.P.S (Bihar R R 1974) Superintendent of Police (SP) was martyred in an encounter with terrorists who were trying to loot a bank in Dhanbad twenty-seven years ago.

Disclaimer: If I express my less than reverential opinion about Mr. Rahul Gandhi, it does not earn me an automatic membership to Mr. Modi’s fan club. It is not in me to be a 'bhakt', a mandarin, a camp follower, or a palanquin bearer. I am an independent citizen who struts in all seriousness, wearing his cap of sovereignty. The stance of the citizen taking himself seriously, and hanging on to the democratic premise that he is the master, is at the heart of the absurd theatre called electoral democracy: a scene from this Theatre of the Absurd.

Italo Calvino’s memorable fable, Numbers in the Dark, contains some timeless observation on the folly of the wise. A conscientious accountant comes across an error – a small error long committed time back – by the legendry Annibale De Canis, “the master of book keeping,” in a giant Italian conglomerate.

You don’t build a skyscraper to conceal a dead mouse, as Saul Bellow the Nobel Prize winning novelist would have asked. The entire nation was in a state of ferment over Pranab Mukherjee’s proposed speech on the occasion of the visit of the RSS headquarter. The national media had created such an air of expectancy as if a modern-day version of Book of Revelation was going to be launched from the ramparts of the RSS headquarters.