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Dear children,

I have thought long and hard before addressing this letter to you. The protocol department has warned me that it is of utmost importance to be politically correct, while speaking to "your children". They are no respecters of persons - especially, if that person happens to be their own father.

Thus forewarned, I approach the subject that I am going to speak to you about today, with great trepidation.

Believe me, it is furthest from my intention to be either rude or disrespectful, and should someone notice the slightest deviation from political correctness, it should not be attributed to a culpable mens rea; blame it on my ignorance of facts or the inadequacy of my communicative skill.

I understand that some of you - the likes of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hutchinson, Daniel Dennet and their ilk- have disowned me, disowned your own loving father, who has begotten you, created this world for you to act out your silly and sentimental, drama. (Pardon me; the alliterative impulse carried me away. I do not how to strike out the offending words typed on a laptop, but treat it as cancelled). First they make the suggestion that I, their father, do not exist. Dawkins went on to squarely abuse me (misogynist, vengeful, control freak etc) and then impute many of the miseries of mankind to me, even in face of irrefutable alibis. Dawkins has proceeded   to insinuate, that those of my children who still believe in me are deluded. But it does not behoove a father to trade abuses with his children. Or for that matter indulge in a blame game. So I would let it pass. I would only place facts. I have laughed off such vituperations in the past, but the use of the word "delusion" makes me very apprehensive.

Dawkins is very clever with words. I am saying that on the evidence of some of his earlier books. The Selfish Genes, The Devil’s Chaplain etc. even his short and crisp introduction to John Diamond’s Snake Oil and other Preoccupations - wherein he takes on the proponents of alternative medicine - are masterpieces of lucid and cogent writing. (I am sorry to say that this one, I mean, God Delusion, is ninety nine percent vituperation and one percent perspiration). But the worth of the book apart, the use of the word delusion does not bode well for all of you my children, whose consciousness has not been raised to the appropriate level of "brightness."