Yesterday, had a talk with few Anna enthusiasts, kept a tab on social network (Facebook primarily) and watched news channels. Few things were evident to me:

Many either could not offer a definition to corruption or had set a very restrictive scope for it – Ideally one should know what he / she is fighting against.

Self-introspection and improvement are down the list of many in this fight against corruption – or to put it more bluntly people are using different lenses to judge acts by different parties. I just wish now that Anna has awakened them from slumber, he would also aid in developing an instinct of self-improvement and check.

To some it is not fight of principles – it has turned into a slugfest against individuals. Fight against corruption and its protector. History has shown that once people start getting personal, they lose focus of things to achieve.

Media has showed immaturity in the way it has handled the coverage of this episode. It appears that the coverage is biased. I am not sure if the attempt to sensationalize every news item would be beneficial to this country either in long or short run. Though the cause is just, media houses should keep the sanctity of their institutions intact.

Opportunism is on show and it appears that people involved are either too ignorant to detect it (which is highly unlikely) or have simply shut their eyes to it. Both the cases are highly deplorable.

This ‘revolution’ primarily appears to be a middle class assertion which is good in many ways. The only caution one should keep is to not bring in self interest in this endeavor and work for general good.

Finally, in a fight for ‘democratic values’ (and everyone would accept that yesterday it was assaulted badly) people are not willing to listen to different opinions. ‘If you are not with Anna then you are for corruption’… And why should that be? I am as free to express and retain my views as anyone else in this country… And a person can be with the intent of Anna but may have a different perspective on how to bring about changes. Does that make a person pro corruption? Rationally not but I have no clue on what the popular perception would be.
There are many more points that I want to list down but would do without them at the moment. I wish the corruption is cleaned from our society – if this is the first step then I think the second step would be achieving 100% target on the self-correction front for each individual of this country.

P.S: Was watching the news during the lunch break – plagued by a question since then. Is this movement taking the right course? The theatrics is on display and so is the power tussle. I simply hope that we do not lose the cause in the midst of such chaos and frenzy.

 Rahul Shanu, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com

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