From our Mosquito Correspondent: In what is being described as the most heinous assault on our existence in last 5 years a Homo Sapiens is accused of slaughtering 30 of our comrades in the Indian city of Noida.

While the details of the incident is still unavailable, our sources report that the Homo Sapiens who goes by the name of Rahul Shanu used savage force to decimate one of our food gathering troops. This unprovoked act of terror on a peace group has outraged the administration and has given impetus to the demands of a strategy re-look at our co-existence formula with the humans.

'Dui', the spokesperson of the Protection and Upliftment of the Mosquito Rights, says – "While the official figure to the death is 30, we have evidence that it is much more than that. We have been advocating the relook in our policies for quite some time now. These individual acts of terror against us are becoming more frequent and we need to evolve new mechanism to protect our race."

A government official on the condition of anonymity said – "This is a serious issue. It is a direct attack on our identity. We have issued orders to take appropriate action against the perpetrator of this crime."

Our interracial strategy expert 'Wui' opines – "Though the current strategy against humans seems medieval it has been quite effective till now. It is only recently that we have been witnessing some cracks appearing in the arrangement. It is high time that we update our system."

Political analyst 'Lui' elaborates – "For quite some time now, we have based our policies on the greed and inefficiencies that underlines the human existence. We have provided ample opportunities to the human civic authorities to swindle funds on our name – defunct fogging machines with their municipalities is just an example of this strategy. And we have been benefitted so far by relying on their greed and lackadaisical attitude– large open drains, our hot spots in many of their settlements, is a result of this behavior. While this has been working well, I do not see a long term possibility of continuing with the same. Some rash individual acts like this can open a floodgate of future assaults on us. Man is not known to have a particular liking with the concept of co-existence and I think the current administration would have to take a more proactive approach in dealing with them or else they would face rough weather in coming days."

On this chief military strategist and leading scientist 'Kui' divulged – "Humans have been far behind us in technological evolution. They forget that we have a civilization of over millions of years – we have survived since before the age of dinosaurs. They spend years to find new formula of mosquito repellants and each time we outwit them. Anticipating a possible confrontation with them, we are developing a new disease with the capability to do maximum damage on their race."

[P.S: The evident lack of measures by the civic authorities to deal with mosquito menace in most of our cities/villages anguishes and concerns me. This post just voices that concern.]

Rahul Shanu, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com

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