There are broadly two types of relatives that people have. Some are gifts of God and some the gift of the Devil. Relatives, graciously termed as extended family, are the permanent fixtures of your lives. You can’t change them or wish them away. They lurk around the corners of your life to suddenly ambush you by springing a very pleasant or unpleasant surprise on you.

I live near the airport and so my life is punctuated by the roar of jet planes either taking off or landing. At times, when my mind is not preoccupied, the sound brings to me mixed feelings of happiness and sorrow. I think some loved ones of unknown fellow beings are arriving and some are leaving. I empathize with those unknown millions who stand at airports, railway stations and bus stops either in the pleasant anticipation of a member of family or close friend arriving or the concealed sorrow of watching them go. I have been through this roller coaster of emotions myself through my life so far.

Why is India still a developing nation even though it has tremendous mental/intellectual prowess which it exports to the rest of the world? Other countries take brains from India and just provide them the right environment to blossom. Indian brains then make their nations great.

Dear friends, the social media was abuzz with messages that we should not purchase Chinese products on Diwali and at other times. It was considered to be the right patriotic thing to do to support our soldiers guarding our borders.

I love watching good films in the company of friends and family. By good films I mean the ones which have a strong story to tell or those that have soulful melodious songs. Having seen a good film, I inform all my remotely located relatives and friends about it. As they say, joy doubles when you share it. Try watching a good film alone and you will know what I am talking about.

Hi friends, some old-timers may remember me. I am PatnaDaily’s NPC (Non-Performing Columnist). Not that I have run short of ideas to write; it is just that I have become plain lazy. I have been busy with passive pleasures like TV and Social Networking. You don’t need to think or write, just exist and maximum press a few buttons.

When it comes to cars, I have been experimenting. Initially I was an avid fan of Maruti. We had both the Maruti car, a status symbols among the Ambassadors and Fiats of that era, and the Maruti van, a truly multipurpose vehicle. While moving on my Maruti I noticed a very beautiful car with large lights. The vehicle was new to Indian roads. I craned my neck to read the make and model of the vehicle. It was the Tata Indigo. I landed in the showroom and purchased a blue Tata Indigo, mainly for its looks. That was the beginning of my romance with Tata vehicles.

I was on the road in my car lost in thought when I found myself behind a city bus. The ramshackle monstrosity lumbered in front of me. I honked the horn and waited for the heavy weight to give me space to pass. Much to my chagrin my clamour had little effect on the machine and it continued its noisy crawl right in the middle of the road.

Ever since human beings started living together as a society the old rule "Might is Right" was replaced by "Social Rules" to bring some order and enable people of different though processes to co-exist.

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