Though he is no more part of the Bihar government, former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi is doing what he does the best and has been doing for the past 16 years – lash out at the Lalu family saying the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) was a party of family with a very small tent.

“If you don’t happen to be a member of the Lalu Yadav clan, you have no room in the party. Outsiders neither get any respect in the party nor have they any future in the RJD. Serving the poor and backward is not their goal; instead, the goal is to acquire properties,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader who is now a Rajya Sabha member, said.

Modi’s rant comes just hours after RJD leader Tej Pratap Yadav slammed his own party senior leader Jagadanand Singh, party state president, for failing to write ‘Azadi Patra’, or Freedom Letter, for the quick release of his father and party national president Lalu Prasad Yadav who has been languishing in Ranchi jail for over three years in connection with the multi-crore rupees fodder scam.

“It’s people like Jagadanand Singh who are responsible for the decline in my father’s health,” the former Health Minister of Bihar who never finished high school, said.

Modi, reliving his role as the Deputy CM of Bihar for nearly 15 years during which his only goal, as it appeared to be, was to bash the Lalu family, said that hiding behind the mask of socialism, the Lalu family was actually a guilty of promoting dynastic politics and was interested only in vote bank politics while ‘hiding under the sheet of secularism’.

In defense of Modi, however, Lalu’s eldest son has a long history of uttering nonsense and changing his physical look to appear like Hindu Gods. Married in 2017 to the granddaughter of Bihar’s former Chief Minister late Daroga Rai, Yadav separated himself from his wife of only a few months, Aishwarya Rai, and filed for divorce saying the two came from very different backgrounds.

Rai had accused Tej Pratap of doing drugs, physically abusing her including beating, and sometimes wearing women’s clothing.