Patna: A 57-year-old man suffering from Coronavirus allegedly died by suicide after he jumped from the window of a bathroom on the 5th floor of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Patna on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the police report, Ramchandra Shah, a resident of Begusarai, was brought to the Patna hospital on May 18 when he was admitted in the COVID-19 ward. Employed at a rice mill in Bangalore, Shah returned to Bihar during the first nationwide lockdown last year. Since then, he had been at his house in Begusarai. He, however, became sick on May 12 with symptoms akin to coronavirus. When his condition continued to worsen despite initial home-made treatments, his family brought him to Patna where he managed to find a bed at the AIIMS.

Frustrated by his worsening condition, Shah went to the toilet on the 5th floor and jumped from there ending his life, family members said.

Talking to the reporters, Shah’s son said that his father was not happy with his condition at the hospital and wanted him to take him back to his home where he thought he could recover quickly.

This is the fifth suicide directly related to COVID-19 at the AIIMS, hospital officials said.