After living in Bihar for more than two decades, tea runs in my arteries and veins just like blood. Tea rules over my mind and heart like every other being in Bihar. I never thought, even in my dreams, that any other drink can dethrone this "Queen of Beverages" from my heart ever!

But, as nothing is constant in this world, so was the throne in my heart. The "King of Beverages" replaced the queen. Yes! You guessed right... I am talking about "Coffee". Few months back, I only knew that apart from tea there is another beverage called coffee which is bitter in taste but still drank all around the world, but I always wondered why? Today I have the answers.

The author at a coffee plantation.The coffee I knew all this time were these instant coffee pouches available in the market which I bought occasionally and prepared just the way I make my tea. But, now I know there is much more to coffee. Growing and making coffee is both a science and an art. And once you understand this fact, you are going to love your coffee and will not able to live without it a single day. I don’t know whether it’s the magic of the Western Ghats where coffee is grown or the wonderful taste of coffee which is casting a spell on me. Even the smell of coffee seems enough to wake me up.

Tea-culture dominates the northern, western and eastern part of our country. I always thought the reason behind this is taste preference, but I was wrong. Lack of awareness regarding coffee is one of the major reasons. Like me most of the people are unaware about coffee in these parts. Often, population inhabiting these areas, believes, that coffee is not good for health, it’s strong and bitter. But as a matter of fact coffee is as nutritious as tea and in some cases it even surpasses it. Both the drinks are brimming with antioxidants and help us to fight various diseases and make our mornings and evenings delightful and refreshing.


  2 cups of Black Tea/day 2 cups of Black Coffee/day
Minerals Ca (0%), Mg (4%) & P (0.5%), K (5%) & Folate (6%) Ca (1%), Mg (4%), P (1.4%), K (7%) & Folate (2%)
Antioxidants High content of antioxidant Antioxidants more than tea
Protein 0.0g 0.6g
Caffeine 95 mg 190 mg
Choline (nutrient important for cell membrane) 0.5% 4%
Health benefits

Prevent Ovarian & Breast Cancer
Lower risk of Type I diabetes
Lower risk of heart attack
Protects Liver
Relieve stress
Burns fat (Green tea)
Lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Lower risk of Parkinson’s disease
Make teeth stronger

Lower risk of liver cancer & colon cancer
Lower risk for Type II diabetes
Lower risk of heart stroke more than tea
Have protective effect on liver
Relieve stress
Helps in losing weight by burning body fat
Protects you from Alzheimer’s disease & Dimentia
Lower risk of Parkinson’s disease
Helps in fighting depression
Lowers risk of gout



Thankfully, in recent times, lots of coffee houses are spreading their chains all around the country serving filter and espresso coffee. Thus, people are getting chance to taste good coffee. Even international coffee outlets like Starbucks have come to India offering people their unique services. Coffee is becoming popular among young, educated Indians but still there is a great need to spread right information about coffee among common people. Coffee Board of India and Pvt. Coffee Industries are making efforts to spread awareness about coffee but a lot more work is required to be done to bring coffee to every other house in India just like tea.

Tea is great in taste but I feel everyone should know that they have another wonderful choice in form of "Coffee". People should drink and enjoy coffee without any fear or panic which are borne out of some mere myths circulating around us having no scientific evidence. Recently, WHO have clarified that drinking coffee does not cause cancer. Beverage lovers should try different types of coffee produced in our country and enjoy their flavours. I am sure once you start, you will regret not having it earlier, just the way I do!

Contributed by: Ms. Deepika Kumar Umesh from Nalanda, Bihar, working as Research Assistant, Grade-I, Division of Plant Physiology, Central Coffee Research Institute, Chikmagalur, Karnataka.