Flowers are symbol of beauty and happiness. Flowers are considered as the most beautiful creation of nature. Scientifically, it is defined as the reproductive part of the plant which is important for its survival but it also plays an important role in making our life more joyful and happy.

People use flowers as a gesture of showing their feeling for their loved ones. Flowers are used in various functions like wedding, baby showers and anniversaries. Flowers are also used for gifting.

Many people present bouquets to their family and friends on their birthdays whereas many people use them as a symbol of mourn and tribute on funerals. They are also offered to the almighty. Thus, flowers play a very crucial role in our lives, and in one or the other way, they are related to us.

Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to people, and keeping ornamental flowers around the home or work environment is an excellent way to decrease the levels of stress and anxiety. It reduces the perceived stress levels and make one feel more relaxed, secure, and happy.

Flowers can help you achieve a more optimistic outlook in your life, bringing you both pleasing visual stimulation and helping you to increase your perceived happiness. Being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result.

The soothing effects of ornamental flowers and plants are so great that simply having daily views of flowers and other ornamental plants in landscaped areas outside patient recovery room significantly speed up their recovery time.

Research also shows that people who spend extended lengths of time around plants tend to have better relationships with others. This is due to measurable increases in feelings of compassion, another effect of exposure to ornamental plants. Spending time in natural environments makes people better at doing their jobs. It also increases their energy levels and feelings of vitality.

Add some flowers to your life and feel the magic.

Deepika Kr. Umesh is a Ph.D. scholar at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. She hails from Nalanda district in Bihar.