Patna: After years of planning and hundreds of meetings in the last 20 years or so, the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC), a failed civic body by most account, after one more such meeting on Saturday, approved the door-to-door garbage collection plan that, if history is any indication, will remain just that – a plan leaving room for even more meetings in the future.

The fact that the PMC is yet to buy any heavy equipment required to remove the trash after it rejected a tender proposal by the Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BUIDCO) and decided to buy required tools on its own is yet another sign of the eventual failure of the plan unless Mayor Afzal Imam and PMC Commissioner Jai Singh show utter and complete dedication to the project.

"We had earlier floated tenders for six out of 14 trash-removing equipment to keep the city clean. For the remaining eight, we had asked the BUIDCO to quote us a price. However, after receiving the quotation, we have decided to buy the equipment on our own," the Mayor said.

Caterpillar 'Bobcat'.The PMC Commissioner, expressing satisfaction over the success of the meeting that was, for a change, not marred by internal bickering, said that the tools would be required within the next 4-6 weeks and a tender would be floated for the required tools in a matter of days.

It may be recalled that shortly after Nitish-led NDA government came into power in Bihar in 2005, several Caterpillar Bobcats, a small land-mover for removing garbage and rubbles as shown in the picture, were bought by the PMC that have since vanished after a few photo-op sessions by the Urban Development Minister of the time.

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