Patna: Patna Mayor Afzal Imam, shortly after his re-election on Friday, convened a meeting of the ward councilors and Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner Anand Kishore on Saturday though the main agenda of the day – how to keep Patna clean – failed to take off the ground because the PMC failed to attract 'intellectuals' who they had promised to be present during the meeting.

As reported, the Commissioner had earlier said that he would involve 'prominent intellectuals' of Patna in the clean Patna discussion. However, with not enough time on their hand, the PMC failed to get any one for the purpose on Saturday.

The proposed meeting will now be held on Monday, the Mayor said.

The Saturday gathering, however, allowed an opportunity to discuss other issues facing the state capital including solid waste disposal, public urination, and disposal of carcass of dead animals on streets.

Imam admitted that these talks had been held in the past as well but were not implemented for one reason or another but this time his office was determined to make changes by setting up a recycling plant at the outskirts of the city, taking measures to keep Patna clean, door-to-door garbage collection, relief from water-logging during monsoon season, beautification of the parks and roundabouts, removal of illegal encroachment, traffic management, and construction of new auto-stands throughout the capital.