CM's Call for the End of Sangh Parivar Met with Anger, Ridicule

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (left) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (right).

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Patna: A day after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called for a 'Sangh-free' India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Bihar and at the Center fired back at the Janata Dal – U leader saying Kumar needed to stay within his limit and stop believing that somehow he controlled entire India or all Indians.

"Nitish Kumar used the BJP and the Sangh Parivar to enhance his political career for 17 long years. Today, in his ambition to rule India, he wants to eliminate all opposition so he could rule the country unfettered without any possibility of any criticism. However, only in his dream he can think of eliminating BJP and become the Prime Minister of India because neither is going to happen," senior BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said.

Reminding Kumar that he was only a regional leader, former Union Minister further said that the JD-U could not even contest on all seats in Bihar but was fantasizing about contesting in all states because of his bloated ego.

"This is the sign of a desperate leader whose credibility outside Bihar is almost none," he said.

BJP national spokesperson Shrikant Sharma also did not mince any words saying after bringing back 'Jungle Raj' in Bihar, Nitish Kumar now wanted the same anarchy in other states.

"Nitish Kumar cannot even control his own state but now he wants to rule India in an opposition-free environment. He needs to explain why he stayed with the Sangh Parivar for 17 years. He had been participating in BJP and Sangh-sponsored programs for years and now that he is a partner with Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), he has learnt to speak their language," Sharma said.

"From Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi – all had opposed the RSS but it has only grown with the passage of each year," he said.

Senior party leader and Union Minister Prakash Javedkar also slammed the Chief Minister for his comment saying those who were partners in the 'unholy' alliance did not have the power to destroy 'holy' BJP.

"Nitish Kumar has conceded that not one single party in India had the capability to defeat the BJP so now they were conspiring to form an unholy alliance in their desperate bid to take on the party that is in power at the Center," Javedkar said.

Another senior party leader and Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that Nitish Kumar did not shy away from criticizing Congress in the past but now has become a huge fan of the failed party.

"The fact that the BJP is working for the weaker section of the society is becoming tough for Nitish Kumar to swallow and that is why he is making all these nonsensical statements," Naqvi said.


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