BJP MP Warns of Forces Determine to Break India in the Name of Freedom of Speech

Rajya Sabha member M J Akbar with other BJP leaders in Patna on Saturday.

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Patna: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Rajya Sabha Member M. J. Akbar said that India was facing new threats from inside forces as Communists, leftists, Maoists, and Jammu and Kashmir separatists join hands in their attempt to split the country.

"These people are opposed to democracy and are determined to break the nation from inside," Akbar said around the same time Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar rolled out red carpet to welcome Kanhaiya Kumar, the Jawaharlal University (JNU) student union leader who, along with some of his comrades, spent some time in Tihar jail on sedition charges after they were caught on camera praising Kashmiri separatist Afzal Guru who was hanged for his role on the attack on Indian Parliament in 2001 resulting in the death of nine security personnel.

Speaking at the Intellectual Forum of the BJP on 'Freedom of Speech, Sedition, and Nationalism', Akbar said that a section of the Indian society was using the freedom of speech to advance their agenda of separatism and trash India to promote communism in the nation.

"The Telangana Movement in Andhra Pradesh during Independence, their role in Indo-China War – the Indian history has many examples of Communists trying to split India into pieces. It was clear that the February 9 incident at JNU was meant to cause trouble in India but their leaders are now saying that it was merely a 'cultural event'. Facts, however, do no support their claims," the senior journalist turned politician said.

Akbar said some people believed that freedom of speech was absolute which was not true.

"Freedom of speech does not include right to enter security of the state and it cannot be use to challenge the integrity of the state. If Indira Gandhi, who sacrificed her life to protect the nation, had been alive today, she would be ashamed of her own grandson meeting with these JNU students who were involved in the February 9 incident," he said.


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