Sandal Thrown at Chief Minister at Janata Durbar

Nitish Kumar at his Janata Durbar in Patna on Monday.

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Patna: Frustrated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's latest diktat that imposes ban on organizing 'havan, or prayers involving fire, a youth, who also happens to share the name of the Chief Minister, threw a sandal on Kumar during his weekly Janata Durbar in Patna on Monday.

The youth, however, was immediately, arrested and declared mentally insane even before his mental state could be evaluated by experts.

As reported, citizen Nitish Kumar threw a sandal on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in full view of the security officials. Initially, it was reported that the young man threw some paper on the CM but later it was said that it was a sandal and the CM also showed dirt marks on the shoulder of his kurta to establish it indeed was a sandal.

When quizzed, the young man complained about the CM's new directive that imposes ban on organizing 'havan' saying the ban was against his religious rights and must be lifted without delay.

"How can you impose ban on havan when you claim to be a Hindu?" the youth asked the CM before being hauled to a temporary detention center.

As reported before, due to extreme dry condition in the state, the Nitish government had issued a ban on organizing havan or cooking until 6:00 pm.

Later Kumar said that he had ordered the release of the youth.

"They are throwing chappal at me right now. Later they will fire bullet at me but I will continue to do what is good for the state," a defiant Chief Minister said.


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