Jain Community Opens Drinking Water Stops in Patna

Jain community in Patna sets up drinking water facility on Bhattacharya Road on Sunday.

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Patna: At the suggestion of Patna District Magistrate Sanjay Agrawal, the Jain Sangh in Patna on Sunday opened two 'water centers' in the city to provide a bit of relief to the thirsty pedestrians thanks to the record hot condition currently being experienced by the state.

While one water spot has been opened with the help of traders association on Bhattacharya Road, the other one was opened near Hathua Market. Besides water, the two relief from thirst centers also offer free sherbet, soaked 'chana', and 'gud' (jiggery) to those looking to avoid being dehydrated in the sweltering condition.

The inauguration of the Bhattacharya Road thirst quenching center was done by the Jain Association member Dr. Geeta Jain and will be managed by the association Vice President Subodh Jain. For the water center near Hathua Market, the inauguration was done by Jain Sangh chairperson Pradeep Jain and Hathua Market Shop-owners' Association Mukesh Jain Toni.

A third one will be open on Nala Road on Tuesday, Jain Sangh officials said.


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