Patna: Stung by a barrage of criticism in the wake of the two recent high-profile political murders in the state, a reluctant Nitish Kumar, Bihar Chief Minister, on Monday agreed to a CBI probe into the killing of a journalist in Siwan though he ruled out a similar investigation in the murder of a youth in Gaya involving his own party legislator.

Continuing to maintain there was no law and order problem in Bihar despite drums of 'jungle raj' being played by his detractors, the Chief Minister said that he would request a CBI enquiry into the killing of Siwan journalist Rajdev Ranjan who was gunned down by hired gunmen last Friday allegedly on the payroll of former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Mohammed Shahabuddin who, despite being in prison for the last several years, continues to wield tremendous political clout in the district.

"We have learnt that the slain journalist's family has asked for a CBI enquiry. I intend to ask the Center for the same while also asking for a speedy trial. Guilty would be brought to justice and dealt with sternly," he said.

Kumar also dared the press to do an impartial analysis of the crime situation in Bihar saying situation here was no different than any other state but he knew the reporters would not do their job in a fair, impartial manner.

Speaking to the reporters after his weekly Janata Durbar in Patna, Kumar, at one point, lost his temper when asked about the whereabouts of absconding JD-U legislator Manorama Devi who is the mother of Rocky Yadav, the alleged killer of Aditya Sachdeva, the son of a businessman who was shot dead in a road incident in Gaya a few days ago.

"I don't know where Manorama Devi is. Do you know where she is? You tell me and I'll make you the investigative officer in the case," Kumar shot back.

The Chief Minister also rubbished criticism of him being away from Bihar pushing his prohibition agenda in other states.

"I have been away from Bihar for no more than 100 hours. How can you say work is suffering in the state in my absence? I come from a humble background that is why I am being targeted by the press and others," Kumar said those who were making such allegations came from the 'elite' class.

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