Patna: Doubling down on their earlier allegations of Nitish Kumar abusing his power to keep two posh bungalows in his name at the taxpayer's cost, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Patna on Monday ratcheted up the rhetoric by a few degree more accusing the Chief Minister of keeping 23 government buildings for use by his party organization.

Speaking at a press conference, BJP state President Mangal Pandey said that Kumar, against all rules and traditions, had allocated 23 government bungalows to his own party solely for the purpose of being used by the Janata Dal – U.

Continuing his attack on the Chief Minister, Pandey said that Kumar spent nearly Rs. 10 crore in furnishing and decorating the bungalow that he was using as the 'former Chief Minister of Bihar' whereas another ex-CM of Bihar Dr. Jagannath Mishra could not even get a fan for his government-allocated home.

"There is no measuring standard or past tradition that Nitish Kumar can use to justify his extravagance on his bungalows and other government houses used by the JD-U. Kumar himself is using five bungalows for his own use. BJP uses only one building as its office whereas JD-U has taken occupation of 18 bungalows to run the party," the BJP leader said adding Kumar owed a full disclosure of the bungalows being used by him and his party and the total amount spent to furbish and furnish them.

Calling the bluff of the Chief Minister that he would be more than willing to live in a house currently occupied by a BJP leader, Pandey said that there were a number of BJP leaders who were willing to offer their home for Kumar to live and all the Chief Minister had to do was to pick one out of them.

He also lambasted the Chief Minister for accusing former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi for occupying a government bungalow despite him having his own home in Patna.

"Let Nitish Kumar pass a law that no one can own a government bungalow if he or she already owns a home in Patna and Sushil Modi would gladly vacate the government building he currently occupies as long as the rule applies to all parties including the JD-U," Pandey said.

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