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Student Attempts Suicide after Complaining about Discrimination

Fellow students pulling Nitish Kumar from the ceiling following a botched suicide attempt by him on Monday.

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Patna: Clearly inspired by the notoriety of University of Hyderabad student Rohith Vemula who became an instant icon in the eyes of the Narendra Modi baiters after he committed suicide while leaving a note blaming the university of caste-based discrimination against him, a student of Patna Art College tried to emulate Vemula by attempting suicide only to be saved by other college students.

{gallery}newsimages2016/jun/061316{/gallery}As reported, a student named Nitish Kumar tried to hang himself from a rope attached to the ceiling fan in his hostel room on Monday. Fortunately, a cleaning lady who happened to see Kumar hanging from the ceiling yelled for help. Within seconds several students gathered and pulled down Kumar who survived the ordeal with only a pinched nerve in the neck.

He was rushed to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) for treatment where he was listed in satisfactory condition.

Kumar told the police that the college Principal C B Srivastava routinely taunts students from Scheduled Caste saying they were no good and without any talent who get into colleges due to faulty reservation policies.

"I have been repeatedly humiliated by the college Principal because of my caste. I had reported about it in 2015 also but no one was listening to my complaints," Kumar told the police.

Police, however, see the suicide attempt as a gimmick by politically-motivated student unions to get media attention in the wake of the ongoing protest against the college and Patna University administration. They had been demanding the reinstatement of eight students who were earlier expelled from the college and are also seeking the resignation of college Principal C B Srivastava and Patna University Vice Chancellor Dr. Y C Simhadri.


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