Chief Minister Continues Patting his Back over Prohibition

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at Jeevika function in Patna on Tuesday.

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who seems to have finally found his life's calling of becoming a crusader against alcohol drinking over other social issues facing Bihar, continued his victory lap for imposing total prohibition in the state saying he would 'rather die than revoke prohibition' from the state.

"I am ready to die but will not back out of prohibition in Bihar," Kumar, who has been accused by his detractors of letting Bihar slip into darkness in terms of crime, education, health care and other social issues in favor of ban on alcohol, said at a Jeevika function at Sri Krishna Memorial Hall in Patna on Tuesday.

Like he has done in the past, Kumar exhorted women associated with Jeevika to go out and find illegal stills and destroy them.

"You have nothing to fear as the entire state administration is behind you," he said.

The Chief Minister said despite being the target of the opposition's mockery, the 'entire Bihar was in a state of bliss and happiness' since he imposed prohibition in the state.

"They made fun of me. Some even hurled abusive words against me but I did not care. Today, the same people who were against prohibition are now telling me that my decision was wise and prudent for the happiness of the state," he said.

Kumar credited the women for encouraging him to impose prohibition in the state and asked them to continue their war against liquor to put an end to domestic abuse in Bihar.


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