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PMC Fails to Demolish Illegal Construction amidst Heavy Protest

Demolition crew gather outside Santosha Complex in Bandar Bagicha in Patna on Friday.

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Patna: Home owners of the Santosha Apartments in Patna on Friday forced the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) to retreat after they formed a human chain outside the building to prevent the demolition of the top three floors that the PMC says were constructed in violation of the original plans.

{gallery}newsimages2016/jul/070816{/gallery}Dozens of inmates of the building – mostly women – carrying anti-PMC placards chained the main gate to prevent demolition men entering the complex. Demanding justice, that is, proper compensation for their loss, the residents said the demolition crew had to go over their dead bodies if they wanted to tear down the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor of the building affecting nearly two dozen homeowners.

As reported, the Supreme Court had earlier upheld the PMC's contention that the builders built the top three floors of the Santosha Complex in violation of the original blueprint passed by the concerned authorities. It then ordered the PMC to bring the floors in question down by July 10.

Earlier, more than two dozen crew members carrying jackhammer, sledgehammer, and other heavy demolition tools like JCB and cranes arrived at the apartment complex located in Bandar Bagicha to tear down the top three floors. However, angry residents, forming human chain, stopped them from entering the premises despite the presence of a large number of police officials who, by and large, remained moot spectators to the entire incident.


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